Respectruming often comes in the form of recognizing all that we can be thankful for. The idea for Respectrum Arts has been well over a decade in the making and I have hundreds of people to appreciate in that journey. From bookstore and gallery owners, to other entrepreneurs and visionaries who have shared their initial trepidations and encouragement to plow through. So many places and people and experiences have inspired me. Artists I have shared space with, thinkers who I have shared conversation with; people I have cared for and people who have cared for me. There are friends, who have entertained years of what seemed like outlandish ideas from where we were. Partners, who must have been rather frustrated with my lack of cultivating these ideas and watched me spin my wheels. Parents, who embraced that I was on my own path and were helpful if I stumbled. Grandparents, who showed by example, that if your will was consistent, you would be prosperous. People who have taught me about the things for which they are passionate. Artists and writers who are making Respectrum what it is.

As I write this, I realize there are just too many people to name specifically, at the moment. For the time being, it should be known that I could not have handled this initiation phase without my brother, Travis Denman; my cousin, James Denman and my grandfather, Arthur McQuillan.

I intend to devote this page to stories of this overwhelming gratitude with help in this evolving endeavor as I get a chance. My best to you all.

Stephen M Denman, November 18, 2018