Respectrum Books offers books- new, used and rare- to inspire and inform and continues Respectrum Arts’ mission to cultivate Art, Nature, Spirit, Knowledge and Growth in the NY-NJ-PA Tri-State Region.


We carry both new and used books, common and rare. There are books for every price range and every purpose. Books on all sorts of topics, including: the arts, the sciences, mathematics, agriculture, environment, literature, history, mythology, spirituality and religion. We aim for an inviting atmosphere and are pleased with all of the positive reviews online since opening nearly a year ago.

A variety of ephemera including antique prints, maps, postcards and vintage photography are also on hand. Ask about rarer books when you are in the shop. Available rare books may be seen by appointment.

We carry a variety of journals and tools to organize your thoughts and ideas, as well.
All ages are welcome. We sport a well-stocked children’s section and a chalkboard wall for children to be entertained and express themselves.

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Respectrum Books is proud to be teaming up with Worldhopper’s Writing Guild to help bring their on-line writing forum to the real world. Worldhopper’s is a digital face of a group of aspiring and achieving writers, who are geared toward Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror fiction. It is the passion project of Ryan Meier, a childhood friend of Stephen Denman, owner of Respectrum Books. Meier hopes to bring in authors and storytellers from around the world to his digital base- promoting, prompting, sharing and critiquing works as they gain structure and form from the recesses of the author’s mind. Other Worlds Writer’s Rallies will be a space for writers from throughout the NY-NJ-PA Tri-State Area to gather and present their work, whatever stage it is at, even if it still isn’t on paper.

Writer’s Rally Weekly began last year at ‘Respectrum Arts Gallery’ before ‘Respectrum Books & More’ came into fruition. Though the scope of the writing groups was once geared to writer’s of all impulses, these bi-weekly groups with the guild will remain strictly for the sci-fi/fantasy/horror genres. Respectrum Books will host Bi-Weekly Writer’s Rallies for writers of other inclinations shortly. Screenwriters and poets in these genres are welcome to join us.

This group is for adults 18 and older, as some of the content of writers in these genres is not for children. Please be willing to hear others ideas, thoughts and characters- no obligation to agree with, understand or relate to them. The world has a wide arena of all these things and writers must be able to access it all.
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Book Discussion:

Upcoming Book Groups


November 7th: Reality Discussion- Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew B. Crawford
November 14th: Overdue Discussion- A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers
November 21st: Lit 101 Discussion- Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin

Not your typical book groups, we will be taking a different approach. ‘Reality Discussion’ picks up different works of non-fiction to look closer at culture and how times have changed, are ever changing and how we too often have misconceptions.  ‘Overdue Discussion’ looks back on what book groups were reading in the past decade, while they were all the rage, but there was no bookstore in town. ‘Lit 101 Discussion’ will be reading works of literature one might be asked to read in their first few years of college.  We welcome anyone who has read the books before to join in the discussions.  In all of the groups, we will examine how the works inspire and inform us today, how they motivate our present projects, and how they apply to our current concerns. Book Groups are held Thursday evenings at 6pm. Books will be available at the shop a month before the discussion date. If you would like to run your own book group through Respectrum Books, please give us your idea through the Contact page.



Restarting this fall Respectrum Books will be hosting Wiki-thons, where volunteers collaborate, either in-person or online, and tackle a few specific goals throughout the day. The founder of Respectrum Arts is a true believer in access to information. He has been a volunteer editor for Wikipedia for over a decade — adding and editing content. Art, architecture and local history of wherever he has lived- has been his main focus. He believes getting this region’s rich history and culture onto the internet is a key to its renewal and prosperity. He hopes these events grow as people understand them better. Drop in on Wiki-thon Days to learn how Wikipedia works, what is being learned during the project or how you can add to this worldwide community built and peer-reviewed encyclopedia.

Delaware Cliffs

Patrons are welcome to drop off page ideas/information/pictures/references that they think the world should have access to about the region prior to the events. We will be open early on Tuesday mornings on these days- but Stephen will only talk about what he’s working on or sell you a book.

October 22nd: Expanding and updating Sussex Borough Page
November 5th: Focus on expanding Munsee Tribe page/ Cleanup Minisink page


Whether it’s a specific subject you are looking to learn about, have a curious question about the world, or are aimless but fascinated- you will likely find something of intrigue.

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October Hours
Friday & Saturday: 12 noon – 5 pm
Thurday & Sunday: 12 noon – 8:30 pm

Watch for OPEN Flag for other hours.

Visit Respectrum Books on Facebook or in person at 24 Bank Street in Sussex, New Jersey.