Respectrum Arts is a 15 year old dream unfolding. It is our belief that all people are capable of just about anything that they put their mind and heart towards. Staying true to your higher self is often difficult, but there are maps and markers in our society that help us realign. These may be beautiful pictures created to inspire, books of wisdom passed down through generations, autobiographies written to allow readers to share in an experience, poetry composed to prevent the reader from feeling alone in this world, a menagerie that connects the viewer to another paradigm, or perhaps simply the correct information to allow for the furtherance of an idea. The champions of any field are those that find creativity within it.

Respectrum was a nonsense word — made up between friends — that has come to have a much deeper significance. To ‘respectrum’ is to actively seek the best form of something through rearrangement. One may respectrum their thoughts on a subject by reading or journaling; respectrum their spirit by bellowing out a favorite song or dancing their heart out; or respectrum their appearance by updating their wardrobe or letting their inner light shine. Pilgrimage, prayer, meditation and rough drafts are part of respectrumming one’s inner self. Respectrumming may take a matter of minutes, a day, years or even a lifetime.

If we are to create a change within ourselves, our communities, our spirit — it must be an active process. The first step in any project is defining what feelings the project should inspire — the emotion will guide the action. If we take the time to dream up the best version, and then take informed action, we can respectrum viewpoints, perceptions, businesses, and communities. We can respectrum the world. Respectrum Arts Gallery and Respectrum Books are intended to be starting places for our customers’ personal journeys.

What we do beyond selling items at Respectrum Arts and Respectrum Books

Classes, Lectures, Events: Respectrum Arts and Respectrum Books are planning a full schedule of creative happenings for 2019, to include art instruction, author talks and informative lectures. Drawing, painting, sound art, science, mathematics, agriculture, environment, mythology and religion may all be covered. There will be events for children, adults and the entire family. When we congregate to talk on a subject, we can get to the heart of the matter. We are all in the process of learning, wherever we are at. Please LIKE us on Facebook for upcoming events. If you are interested in teaching or presenting, please use the Contact Page to describe your idea.

Creative Consulting: We offer guidance and advice for artists of various disciplines who seek inspiration, direction, or focus. Dreamers, creators, seekers, healers, motivators, leaders and entrepreneurs all benefit from an outside catalyst to plan and drive their next steps. Clients pay based on a sliding scale and the particulars of a project. Please stop in for more information and maybe schedule a consultation.

Appraisals: The Respectrum Arts staff is passionate about collections of all sorts and love to hear your stories about them. We love to hear the spark of creativity that an item suggests or the recollections that an object holds. We naturally find value in the things around us and sometimes we must asses this value. True value is hard to quantify, but it’s often necessary to assign a monetary price to a particular item. We are happy to provide informal appraisals by appointment for those interested and should be certified to offer official appraisals for insurance purposes by the end of 2019.

Philanthropy: We donate to, volunteer, or plan to donate to, or volunteer with the following organizations, presently or in the very-near future: Sussex Community Center,  Friends of High Point State Park, Friends of the Wallkill River Wildlife Refuge, Sussex-Wantage Historical Society, The Cornerstone Playhouse at the Crescent Theatre, Samuel R. Scholes Library, Friends of the Middletown Thrall Library, Friends of Sussex-Wantage Library, The Alfred Ceramic Art Museum at Alfred University, The Smithsonian Institution, The Wikimedia Foundation, and The American Cancer Society-Relay for Life, Sussex County.

If there is anything you see a need for in the local or the larger community, please share your ideas. We’ll try to help you make them happen.

“Plan the work and work the plan.” – Jeannie Louise Denman